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Are you ready to apply for Business Week? 

Eligible students must:

  • Rank academically in the top one-third of their class
  • Have completed their sophomore, junior or senior year by June of application year
  • Possess demonstrated leadership skills through school and community activities
  • Complete the application form in its entirety with the signature of your school principal or guidance counselor, and return to the S.C. Chamber.
  • Complete an essay

About the essay

You will need to write a brief (i.e., minimum 250 words, maximum 500 words) explanation about what you hope to gain by attending Business Week and how you think this experience will provide a background for your future in the working world. Students, including returning students, must submit an original essay. Essays from previous years will not be accepted.

Getting accepted

  • First-time students will be accepted first. Returning students accepted on a selective basis with class rank and application content taken into consideration.

Applications are due April 30, 2020

• Complete the application in its entirety by submitting:
• Initial application
• Evaluation form (incl. signature of principal or guidance counselor)
• Required essay.
• Essay Details available on our website
• Priority Consideration given to first time students
• Returning students accepted with class rank and application quality taken into consideration.
Applications received after this deadline will be considered based on availability. Applications must be submitted in their entirety